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Our Company

Modern Hosting was founded in early 2020, to fill a gap in the current server hosting market. We wanted to create a hosting service for large and small servers alike, with outstanding support to help our clients set up game servers to their liking. We value each and every client individually, and we will do everything we can to streamline the process of creating your game server. We offer performance hardware at a low cost, making it easy and affordable to create your very own game server. We make sure the hardware is functioning correctly, and you get to customize your server to your liking. in 2021 we expanded into offering more than just game servers, now offering dedicated servers.

Management Team

The people who manage and instruct the company staff and anything in between.

Massimo D.


Alex G.


Dominic D.


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Our Global Locations

  • Montreal, Canada
  • Falkenstein, DE
  • Vint Hill, USA
  • Dallas, USA
  • Gravelines, FR
  • Oregon, USA

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